Visitor Services & Operations.

offer memorable customer service.

Create cases for managing service requests and complaints. The platform follows an end-to-end case management cycle, enabling a smooth collaboration between departments until the case is resolved.

keep your clients satisfied.

With the help of automated assigning rules, the platform routes cases to team members according to their specialty. Track processes and respond to customers according to your SLA, by escalating, reassigning, and marking cases as “successful” or “expired”.

all your business information, at your fingertips.

Cases are accessible to any device, enabling teams to make instant decisions and increase customer satisfaction. Be always one step ahead, offer consistent and personalized customer service, save time with efficient processes, gain visibility in your teams’ performance, and improve productivity.
Complaints Management
Create cases to track all actions and communications between employees and customers and mark them as Active, Resolved, or Cancelled.
Service Requests
Create customer service requests for Customer Feedback, Lost and Found, Tickets Refund, Complimentary Tickets, School Visits, and Special Visits.
Service Level Agreements
Update response time according to your SLA, for successful case management.
Customer Service Queues
Create queues for assigning cases to different team members according to their specialty.