Ticket & Product Management.

configure tickets to meet your business' needs.

dot.Ticketing allows you to create and configure tickets according to your product requirements, enabling different access levels and pricing policies. Each ticket can be configured independently, to offer targeted and customized attributes like discounts, expanded venue admissions, or complementary benefits.

operate all ticketing processes with efficiency.

Day passes, VIP tickets, season passes, time slots, and any type of ticket your business requires, are easily created, and managed through the system. Once ticket types are created, they are associated with different channels, payment methods, access points, zones, and control devices, enabling smooth access control.

your one-way ticket to customer satisfaction.

Αvoid repeated time-consuming processes, by configuring your ticket types through the system and automating workflows. Eliminate costly add-ons and external ticketing integrations with an all-in-one ticketing platform.
Ticket Configurations
Configure ticket types based on your business' needs. Ability to use barcodes, RFIDs, and other ticket identification and recognition methods.
Sales Accounting
Detailed sales reporting, resellers & commissions management, and integration with accounting and ERP software.
Retail Ticket Sales
Configure retail tickets and sell them to customers using different channels and payment methods.
Combine products, including discounts, add-on services, special prizes, and vouchers.
Capacity Management
Manage venue capacity and provide crowd control by assigning different time slots to products/tickets.
Bulk Tickets Sales
Sell bulk tickets for B2B or B2C and have access to the full cycle of their sales process.