Sponsorships & Memberships.

manage sponsorships and memberships in one platform.

Create business accounts or contact records for managing all sponsorships and memberships of your business. Each membership record holds information such as membership status, period start and end dates, last renewal date, perks, services, access to events, and other useful insights.

efficient operations in a multifunctional team.

Having all information located on one platform ensures consistency and efficient coordination of memberships and sponsorships within a multifunctional team. Enable different departments to make confident decisions based on data and focus on what truly matters the most: loyal customer satisfaction.
Extended Profile
Members and or Sponsors have an extensive profile record in the system, holding additional information about their preferences, requests, and memberships status.
Membership Card Printing
Define complimentary or chargeable benefits for members such as discounted prices, perks, services, and special access.
Membership Requests
Extent, freeze, terminate or renew memberships. Add or remove linked members such as family members or friends.
Membership Benefits
Personalize your members’ access to your venues with a printed membership card, including their photo and key membership information.