White Label Website & E-commerce .

Create unique online and e-commerce experiences for your customers and increase direct bookings without external resources. Your e-commerce site will be directly connected with dot.Ticketing, tracking your visitors’ journey at every touchpoint.
Profile Management

Customers can log on to your website and manage their profile and preferences.

Easy-to-use Interface

User-friendly website for both customers and employees, suitable for content editing and streamlined operations.


The website supports multiple languages, according to your business' needs.

Upcoming /Past Tickets

Both guests and registered users can view past tickets and download upcoming tickets.

Upsell Products & Packages

Sell packages of multiple products, suggest add-ons before and after purchasing, and enable coupons and vouchers on payment.

Payment Gateway Switch

Switch between multiple payment gateways without extra development efforts.


Sell session-based activities and give to customers the flexibility to add dates and time slots.

Cart Management

Ability to release products from the cart after a specific time, warning for time overlapping activities, etc.

Seated/Non-seated Events

The website supports seating maps so customers can easily visualize the venue and choose a seat based on their budget and preferences.

Mobile Friendly

Responsive to mobile and any other devices such as tablets and laptops.