Sales Channels.

Sell tickets through multiple channels which are all connected to both your CRM and access control devices through one unified solution. Take advantage of every channel to extract information about ticket sales and customer preferences and have a single and accurate source of data for extracting information and updating your ticket sales, prices, venue capacity, and database.


Choose different channels and screens for your Points of Sales in venue.

Call Center

Manage direct and group sales through your call center sales with an enhanced POS.

Educational Portal

Universities and educational organizations can interconnect and book tours/workshops through educational portals.


The Self-Service KIOSK application allows visitors to purchase and collect tickets.

Reseller Portal

Resellers have direct access to tickets sales and can take commissions on advanced bookings and volumes.


Full integration with your website or Mobile Applications, for selling tickets online.

Events Registration Portal

Allow users to register for events through an online Registration Portal.

External Partners

Allow External Partners (OTA) to interconnect and sell tickets in real-time.